5 Foods That Causes Weight Loss Challenges

You lose weight by consuming less than you expend, but losing weight can be a difficult struggle. The food you eat can have a major effect on your weight; some foods like full fat yogurt, coconut oils and eggs help with weight loss, while other foods especially processed and refined product can make you gain weight.

Changing your lifestyle and eating habits is a challenging endeavor. Some diet plans such as Thomas DeLauer recipes helps to make it easier. Eating healthy foods and exercising is a great start for a weight loss plan but it might not be enough. It can be challenging navigating healthy foods, so here are 5 foods that cause weight loss challenges:

  1. Alcohol: It is almost impossible to find a weight loss expert who recommends alcohol for weight loss. While some cocktails have fewer calories than others, alcohol just doesn’t support weight loss. It contains empty calories that don’t fill you up or provide any nutrients, so you’re likely to overeat and impair your judgment regardless of your weight loss goal. When alcohol is present in your body, it is considered a toxin which your body wants to get rid of, therefore becoming your liver’s top priority. When your liver is in hardcore detox mode, it can’t burn fat effectively and efficiently.
  2. Fruit Juice: Most fruit juice you find at the supermarket has very little in common with whole fruit. They are highly processed and loaded with sugar. They contain no fiber, hence doesn’t require chewing. This means that a glass of orange juice won’t have the same effect on fullness as an orange, making it easy to consume large quantities in a short period of time, causing havoc to your weight loss goal.
  1. Too Many Liquid Calories: Taking too many liquid calories such as smoothies, coffee with cream and sugar, teas and sodas, can really contribute to weight gain. When you drink beverages, you don’t tend to compensate by eating less because most beverages satisfy taste and do not impact on hunger. So, if you’re serious about losing weight, consider giving up sugary things completely.
  2. French Fries: Lastly, avoid taking French fries and potato chips. Though, whole potatoes are healthy and filling but French fries and potato chips are not. They are very high in calories, therefore it’s easy to eat way too many of them. They’ve been linked to weight gain, so it’s best to eat plain, boiled potatoes.
  3. Low-fat food: Research suggests that people tend to eat upward of 30% more when they know they are eating a food that is low in fat. The problem besides overeating, which can easily thwart your weight loss goals, is that when food makers remove fat from food. They inevitably remove some of the flavor and to compensate for this, they often add sugar which makes the product even worse for you.